From our end we screen each profile to verify the authenticity of the profiles we publish.

We also need your help to ensure a safe and enjoyable match making experience. Please take few minutes to read the following safety tips. If you have any questions please write to

Publishing your information

• Do NOT publish your home / office postal address in the ‘Self Description:’ field. We ask for your address in the registration section and that is for record keeping purposes only. We do not publish your address in the site.
• We’ve allowed to publish the phone number in our site since more and more members request that feature. However we strongly recommend to use our messaging system or email as the initial conversation method.
• You can publish a contact email address in your profile. This can be same as your registration email address or you can use a different email address. We highly recommend using a separate email address (preferably a GMAIL address) for registration and contacting members. This way once you find a match you can simply stop using that email address and it will not interfere with your personal / professional email addresses.

Initial conversation

• Use the messaging facility in site to initiate the conversation.
• It is OK to get to know the other party using social media sites etc.
• Take your time to get to know each other better before taking the next step(s).

Warning signs

Please keep an eye for the following warning signs and report to us immediately if you face any of these.

• Asking for money. Never share your bank account details / give money to any member under any circumstances.
• Sending harassing / offensive / abusive messages.
• Sending obscene photos
• Sharing misleading information
• Seems to have multiple profiles
• Asking for home / office address under the guise of sending gifts
• Providing inconsistent details